we're all ghosts to you;
Emilia. i thoroughly enjoy: game of thrones & doctor who .. cersei, robb & sansa are cool too ..
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Benedict Cumberbatch for Out Magazine 2014

I think I’m the only person in the world who was a little disappointed with the Purple Wedding



Can we please stop making fun of people who are over 20 and are still virgins

Can we please stop making fun of people who are not interested in sex/are repulsed by sex

Can we please stop making fun of people who aren’t interested in a sexual or romantic relationship

Can we please stop making tv shows about virgins trying to lose their virginity like it’s a leech upon their life destroying all of their goals and opportunities?

I’m just dying to say, “Hey, do you ever feel like jumping off a bridge?” or “Do you feel an emptiness inside your chest at night that is going to swallow you?” But you can’t say that at a cocktail party.
— Paul Gilmartin (via hellanne)

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How late did you stay up last night? Probably around midnight.

Have you ever cried from being so mad? Definitely, I’m not a sad crier. I only ever cry if I’m really mad or if I just FEEL THE LOVE. 

What is wrong with you right now? That my future is going in a certain direction when I want it to go another. But, I’m not doing anything to stop it because it seems unrealistic and I feel like if I ignore a problem it’ll either go away or fix itself, which is a really bad frame of mind to be in, but I’ve always done that.

Cersei Lannister Week
[Day 1 - One quote]

One day I pray you love someone. I pray you love her so much, when you close your eyes, you see her face. I want that for you. I want you to know what it’s like to love someone, truly love someone, before I take her from you.